by Sports Coach

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Fragments is an album with songs by Sports Coach that he made one time.

Thank you.


released March 3, 2016

album art by Sports Coach
album art text by Alyse Stuck (



all rights reserved


Sports Coach Boston, Massachusetts

Sports Coach is not responsible for any personal injury whether it be of mental, physical or spiritual nature.

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Track Name: a long life, a good life
before they ever called me out
there was tones of doubt within myself

i had a plan
it was shot down
and spiraling out of control
i had a thought
its not so bad
i don’t even need anyones
i will do this all and for myself

before you even catch your breathe
your sad and i wish i could fix it all for you
but i cant do anything like that
i can only offer my hand to hold but you’ll pull through
on your own

i do my best to
make your life a little better
but theres only so much
that i can do

you really need to think this through
Track Name: makes sleep uncertain
I don’t need you
so what do you need from me?

you have nothing to offer me
vice versa

this causes
words to snap in time with doubt

I had a job
and I did it well
tracing the fragments
of my thought

crossing between
intricate self doubt
spilling your heart
and letting it bleed out

remnants of your own self
Track Name: it follows me around
theres something in my way
brick wall doused in concrete
theres something in my path
sharp glass to cut my feet on

it follows me around
silent dust falls on the ground

theres something I have found
you cant get past what you make
no matter if its sound
theres ways to get around it all

close your eyes and pull yourself together

it follows me around
silent dust settles on the ground
Track Name: without charts or instruments
a solid plane
vast and dark
stretches out
taking us into
something i don’t
i don’t believe in

which way is out
its all grown so
so distant

i don’t want to
ever come out
I’ve found a home now

maybe its just
the way i think
its not so distant

why would i care?
i don’t think i
have feelings anymore

just movements
in the night
that eat up the sleep
that i don’t care about

you ought to take care of yourself
Track Name: conversations with no one
other characters come on to the scene
something runs among them, an exchange

they imagine
hundreds of things about one another
of glances like lines

that connect one figure.

until all combinations used up in a moment
meetings which could take place

they imagine
hundreds of things about one another
of glances like lines

are all but strangers.

At each encounter
with no one
Track Name: in all around it
you were only doing
what you had to do
only in time do you realize
its been seen through
engulfed in light
and sinking slowly
still you never stop them
still you never stop us
holding on to what
you’ve thrown out is tough

burn down anything in our way
we tried to do what we need to
i dont believe in it

its got so dark outside
i try i try i try
and i’ll live

you were only doing
what you felt you needed to
living and dying by the book i told you
this wasn’t the best idea that we’ve had
but we don’t need to talk
we don’t need to talk about that

the fates we’ve given ourselves
Track Name: defining by tracing its confines
I have already lost it
little by little

everything conceals something else
never finished saying what you have to say

dreams are made of desires and fears
defining by tracing its confines
taking shortcuts

swells and sharp in-takes of breath
cloud invades the continents
Track Name: these are challenges
you can only do
what you came here for
yet I don’t know what that is

bitterness is burned
into a way of thinking
colder than the winters grip

losing traction
and fragile stability
you don’t even have a chance

never any luck

swallowing your thoughts
plant it in the dirt now
watch it grow

its something to believe in
when its all desolate
Track Name: nobody listened, nobody cared
my eyes
are windows
sleeping so soundly
I won’t wait for the daylight
striking the seas down
we’ll walk about

legs give out
mouths drain out
the words you talked about
trusting in nothing and nothing you said
"lasts a life time"
striking the seas down
we’ll walk about

ocean floor
breathes in salt
spits it out

fragments of thought
breaking like waves in my head
crushing the ocean
the sea is let in

to wash out
the walk about
Track Name: heads for home
burning in the sunlight
they step inside to take
the weights off of their
shoulders and ankles
this pressure is crushing
and thats not any good

they thought it may be closer
but things always seem far off
when you cant walk
you may want to step inside

if i never see this place again
will it look the same?

and all my time
has flown out of the window
i have grown old
and fingers become brittle

if i never see this place again
will it look the same?
Track Name: looks to the arctic
I remember
when the snow came down
heavy under street lights
we all reached out
to grab on tight
to a future distant
drifting, you’re gone
I’m sorry I didn’t help

do you fall down
out and out and out of reach
this is my fault
I’m out and out and out of reach again

I remember
when the cold reached in
heavy under street lights
don’t forget why you
begin to speak out of turn
its fine, communicate
breathe in and forget

you were never cut out for this
Track Name: not much has changed
its something to know
you did what you had to do
against the grain and burned off
particles of sound in tune

its something to
break into bits and pieces
as you walk with each step
cracks in the earth
break open and you fall in

seemingly life’s out to get those
who don’t fit in